Yahoo News alleges to have polled 1558 people regarding President Biden’s performance during his first 100 days in office maintaining that Biden “has faced bigger challenges and performed better than Trump” with “less than a third saying “Trump’s challenges were bigger than Biden’s (31 percent) or that Trump performed better (32 percent) during the first 100 days of his presidency.

It is obvious that this is a perfect example of FAKE NEWS propaganda; they must have strictly polled Democrats in a Blue State!

The border crisis which was generated by Sleepy Joe has caused human suffering, health emergencies and financial anguish to citizens and immigrants alike to say nothing of infiltrating our country with drug cartels and human traffickers!!

He has done nothing to correct that situation and little to accelerate our return to normalcy following the pandemic; merely taking credit for vaccine delivery which was created and delivered under Warp Speed which was designed by the Trump administration.

It is understandable that he accepts credit for the past administration’s successes as he has none of his own despite half a century as a Washington politician!

Large numbers of Democrats are leaving the party and the Republican Party is becoming the party of the working and middle class.

Biden’s deplorable, excessive, government spending and disproportionate free handouts have created a shortage of people filling jobs and a generation of entitlement which will lead to bankrupting our country.

The Moral Majority of citizens and voters want LESS Federal Government interference, a balanced budget, strong military, credible education, freedoms afforded under the constitution such as the right to bear arms, and most of all preservation of our democratic republic NOT SOCIALSM!

Citizens unilaterally oppose court and voter packing, cancelling the pipeline and creating the Green New Deal which the Democrats are trying to force upon us!

More significantly, they want the Radical Left to stop purporting that they are superior and know what is best for us! They have forgotten that they were elected to serve us and bring to fruition the ideals we have set forth not their personal agendas!

Their job is to preserve our form of government not to destroy and replace it.

A lot can be read into Yahoo’s final statement, a disclaimer that states, “Respondents were selected from YouGov’s opt-in panel to be representative of all U.S. adults. The margin of error is approximately 2.8 percent.”

What are the requirements and who sets the standards to be part of an opt-in panel?

One can only deductively conclude that it appears they would most likely be people who volunteered to be part of the survey, and results suggest they were people who voted for and support Sleepy Joe not representative of all Americans!

Smells like another instance of Fake News trying to influence the general public, creating more propaganda.

Do they really believe we are that naïve?

American government was formulated to be government FOR the people and BY the people not for and by the politicians!

American citizens are demanding fair and accurate polling, journalism, and media coverage and reporting.




Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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Jacque Lynne Ross

Jacque Lynne Ross

Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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