Slavery an International Debauchery

Slavery originated when sin entered the world and continues uninterrupted on every continent to this day. Some historians have even traced it as far back as 6800 BC.

Most familiar to us are the stories of the Jews in the Bible being enslaved in Egypt for the purposes of religious persecution, political control, and inexpensive labor.

Slavery did not commence and unfortunately does not terminate in the United States, is not always a cultural crime of one ethnic group against another, and has been utilized in a variety of circumstances always with the goal of increasing the wealth and comfort of the ruling classes and for the subjugation of others. Slaves have been used for inexpensive labor, sexual and political purposes, ethnic cleansing, and for penal reasons.

The slaves who were brought to America from Africa were unfortunately actually captured and sold into slavery by their own ethnic brothers and sisters. Human Trafficking is problematically intercultural and intracultural as well.

We need to discontinue our behavior acting as slaves to segregationist and racist theorists who are demanding reparation for the immorality of our ancestors.

We cannot pay for our own sins much less the sins of others.

From the beginning of time there have always been slaves from every diverse culture for varying aberrant reasons. Blacks are not the only culture who have been treated abhorrently. Every culture has experienced racial and cultural discrimination, by another culture or their own, due to humanity’s inherent superiority complex.

The answer to this problem and all others lies in the Bible.

Romans 12:3 tells us “For by the grace given me I say to every one of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment, in accordance with the faith God has distributed to each of you.”

The drawback with humanity is that we like to think that we are more intelligent than others and therefore superior to them in every way. We are greedy, power seekers who will selfishly use others to enhance our egos and bank accounts.

It is only when we submit to the Lord and live His way, one of love for each another, that we are able to live in peace with all humanity, commencing by recognizing others as our equals or even better than ourselves, not beneath us.

If we spent as much time trying to improve our social and cultural interactions with others as we do trying to denigrate each other, we would live a more peaceful and blessed existence.




Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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Jacque Lynne Ross

Jacque Lynne Ross

Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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