Republican Dream Team 2024

It is perfectly clear, after hearing the Republican rebuttal to Joe Biden’s speech to the joint congress, that the winning 2024 presidential team not only could be, but should be, Trump/Scott!

Donald Trump returns on a strong platform with a proven record of innovative and successful solutions to critical problems demonstrating gifted intellectual and strong negotiating skills while Tim Scott has demonstrated faith, morality and demeanor coupled with the ability to think critically, act humbly and compromise.

Together they demonstrate the ability to unify both the party and the voters while bringing about zealous concern, compassion, and morality in leadership.

Donald Trump has the innate ability and assertiveness to act with loyalty on behalf of Americans and their ideals while negotiating from a position of strength; Tim Scott is principled, and dignified, adding cohesiveness to governing as well as giving Conservatism a shot in the arm.

America needs to return to that position of strength which has been hastily destroyed under Sleepy Joe Biden’s excessive weakness instilling fear in our citizenry for our children and future generations as well as for ourselves.

Biden’s total lack of disregard for the requisite needs and desires of the voters yet dedication to Radicalism is leading our country to the far Left toward Socialism and possibly even worse. We cannot afford one more day of this lack of leadership!

His feebleness signals nefarious, power hungry nations such as Russia and China that we are ripe for internal takeover.

While there are other well qualified possible candidates such as Abbott, Huckabee, Carson, Cruz, DeSantis, Haley, Hawley, and Noem, they would best be suited for cabinet positions before moving to the presidential arena as we need strong politicians with the same qualities as Trump and Scott as advisors on the administrative team.

There are many decent dedicated politicians who need to replace the devious radicals currently ruining rather than running our beloved country.




Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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Jacque Lynne Ross

Jacque Lynne Ross

Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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