How Many Anthems Should Americans Sing?

If you ask me the obvious answer is, ONE; representing that we are one cohesive, integrated country!

If we allow the song Let Every Voice Sing to be included at public venues, such as sporting events, doesn’t it legitimize every immigrant having a right to have the National Anthem or ethnic/cultural song from their home country sung as well?

Do we really need to sing any anthem, and if we do sing one shouldn’t it be America’s anthem, representative of the country that supplies us with our freedoms and characterizes all ethnicities, the country whose men and women fought and died to afford us this freedom?

By adding what is purported to be the Black National Anthem, we are taking another step towards supporting segregation rather than unity. We are continually dividing people into segregated groups thereby achieving the opposite goal of unifying the peoples of this great land.

If this is such a racist country, as some deleterious people and groups are decrying, why then are people from all other nations flocking to reside here at great personal risk?

It is so disconcerting to hear all this whining negativity from people enjoying the greatest freedoms the world has to offer!! I believe all this disparaging rhetoric is just creating opportunities for unconstructive publicity.

How heart-breaking!

If you aren’t part of the solution then obviously you are part of the problem.

It’s time that we set one of the criteria for running for office as the need for the candidate to have a viable, step-by-step plan for creating and encouraging opportunities for unity in their locality, state, and ultimately our country.

Religious and secular events should be models of multi-culturalism thus setting an example for our youth, and future generations on which our nation relies for survival.

We should not have to mandate goals such as these, they should be automatically ingrained in us IF we have love for one another as the Lord has commanded.

In the past, when our people demonstrated brotherly love and unity, the nations of the world respected us, but more recently due to the divisive, violence in America, we have become a laughing stock; ripe for internal take-over by our enemies.

Wake up America-stand in unity once again or we shall fall into extinction as a nation!




Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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Jacque Lynne Ross

Jacque Lynne Ross

Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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