It has been reported that the government is currently spending approximately $78,000 per illegal immigrant coming through our borders in 2021 to provide habitat, education and health care for them.

Many of these adults are claiming that the children accompanying them are biologically related to them.

Government agencies have documented at least 92 sex offenders among those entering and a plethora of undocumented criminals have entered and been dispersed across our states as well.

A substantial number of the women and children on the arduous journey to America have been sexually abused along the way and sold into human trafficking.

We currently are experiencing enough crime of our own in America while addressing solutions to revamping our policing system and retraining its officers.

If we really desire valid immigration that treats humans with compassion let’s commence with legal immigration and administer DNA tests and give physicals to everyone entering.

This would eliminate the spread of COVID and other diseases to the general citizenry while providing proper health care solutions to both immigrants and citizens.

It would further provide evidence of cartels smuggling in children and provide a data base to track their criminal actions if they are allowed to enter our country. This only makes sense since we keep a data base of our own citizens who perpetrate criminal acts.

This tactic would also restrict the exacerbating numbers overwhelming our Border Patrol agents and limit the strain on our citizenry’s budget.

With the rest of the money let’s initiate provisions for our own citizens starting with the homeless and mentally ill!

It is disgraceful, and totally unacceptable, that we ignore them while focusing on caring for foreigners.

This administration claims to be good and decent. Yet there is nothing laudable about neglecting the mentally ill and homeless in our society. This is not decency.

Citizens pay taxes for the anticipated benefits and services they expect to receive, but they are disgruntled to be compensating benefits for illegals.

Americans are receiving less and less while paying more and more.

All of this adds undue stress to our citizens and has led to the increase we have seen of mental illness in both children and adults. Consequently, addictions and suicides are increasing at disturbing rates.

We are fast approaching the point where citizens will no longer tolerate ineffectual government and will revolt. We caught a glimpse of that on January 6, 2021.

It is not too late for the present administration to admit that their assessment has been wrong and change their course of action dealing with the disconcerting conditions in our country.

Reassessment would actually prove that they are good and decent people. It takes a decent, contrite heart to admit your mistakes and attempt strategies that facilitate correcting them.