Are Immigrants and Democrats Synonymous?

President Biden is counting on the plethora of immigrants, arriving in our country in astronomical numbers, to preserve his party’s power by voting along Democratic guidelines!

However, it is likely he has shamefully misjudged those entering our country; he could be grossly mistaken and see his plan backfire! Let’s pray that is the case!

Venezuela which is 96% Catholic is just one of the countries whose people are fleeing to the United States. Other countries such as the Central American ones of Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, and Guatemala are also strong Catholic nations ranging between 80 and 90 % practicing their faith.

The majority of devout, practicing Catholics take a strong stand against issues such as abortion, same sex-marriage, and gender reassignment all hallmarks of America’s Democratic Socialist Party.

The primary reason people are fleeing these countries is the instability of their governments which are forcefully moving toward, if not already immersed as, communist and or socialist countries who rule with an iron-hand.

That leaves one to wonder if these refugees can be counted on to vote for American politicians, namely Democrats, whose ideological platform is in direct opposition to the migrants religious and political dogma and who are forcibly moving toward Socialism, Communism or worse yet, Oligarchy.

Why would they vote for a party whose agenda is the same as the corrupt country they are fleeing? This would be ludicrous!

American Democrats have resorted to distributing an overabundance of free benefits to these new immigrants in anticipation that finances will take precedence over religious and political beliefs and pressure these new voters to reward the hand that doled out benefits to them.

Fortunately, not all immigrants are ignorant or lacking pride and work ethics as shamefully assumed by the American Democratic Party.

Most of these new immigrants believe in the American Dream which embraces Capitalism with the goal of being able to reach financial security at a level commensurate with their hard work.

Hopefully, these new refugees of character are the majority of the entrants, and the criminals and cartels coming in only comprise the smallest minority.

Our great country was originally formed by gallant immigrants of magnanimous character from various nations, cultures and ethnicities who built America as the strongest, most well-respected country in the world both in morals and industry, and I am praying it will continue along that purview.