Address Me as Your Royal Highness

Biologically I was not born Royalty, but that is not my fault of course. As a member of the no fault, entitled generation, I am sure you will understand my choosing my own identity. Therefore in order to stay in step with the times and politics of today, I have chosen to identify as Royalty, a Princess beginning immediately.

As an American citizen it is also my legal right not to be discriminated against therefore I am requesting –no demanding that you address me as Your Royal Highness which is now the proper verbiage when directly addressing me or Her Royal Highness when referring to me, and please don’t forget to curtsey.

I will also require a special box on my passport! After all, I am better than the general population as indicated by the word Highness in my newly claimed title relegating you to a status beneath me.

The lavatories are to be emptied when I arrive so that I can have privacy when I use the bathroom of my choice which may vary from day to day depending on my mood! It would actually be more acceptable if you built a separate bathroom for me in any building I may choose to enter so that I can be confident that it is kept up to my personal standards, houses any special supplies I may request, that will ensure that I feel comfortable and accepted.

Additionally, I will require a special menu also of course, as I do not eat fast foods or meals such as hamburgers that those beneath me indulge in. I prefer lobster and seafood as opposed to the lowly beef items and all vegetables must be organically grown and washed thoroughly.

As I adjust to my newly declared identity, I may require -oops -demand further modifications to your daily lives in order that my life will take precedent over all others even though I am in the minority as Royalty.

Thank you for your understanding of my personal need for acceptance and happiness.




Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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Jacque Lynne Ross

Jacque Lynne Ross

Conservative Christian; Educator 40 years, MA + 70 Post MA credits

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